QuEST Global, as part of its University Relationship Program, launched the flagship event Ingenium in 2011 in India to promote engineering excellence and grow interest in core engineering, as an exciting and challenging career option.

Ingenium, as the name suggests was conceived after filtering from over 120 names, stemming from the idea that the students as well as their projects would be ‘Ingenious’ and ‘Inventive’, which is at the crux of what the contest aims to promote among the student community.

Ingenium is a unique platform for pure play engineering students to present their ideas to noted industry professionals and gain much deserved recognition and motivation.



The first Ingenium was held in 2011 in India. It made a humble beginning with around 100 teams applying from colleges around Bangalore. Over the years as the competition gained popularity we started to add more universities and disciplines. In 2018 some 40,000 teams applied from across India demonstrating the brand recall this event has generated. Students like Ingenium because they get a chance to participate in a corporate event, rub shoulder with industry experts and get a chance to work for QuEST Global. Customers of QuEST have shown keen interest in Ingenium. One of our largest customers have sponsored winning teams a visit to their assembly plants in UK. In 2019, Ingenium expanded into Japan and UK and has now become a global phenomenon.



QuEST Ingenium offers you a platform to showcase your best work as an engineering student. The event is widely marketed in social media and has a global reach. This can be your first chance to show the world the creative genius within you. Some of the best technology companies in the world will be judging your work and it is an opportunity to impress them. If you are one of the winners, you will definitely get a chance to work for QuEST Global, win cash prizes and get an all-expense paid trip to India.



QuEST Global is a 21 year old engineering solutions company. We have close to 12,000 employees from APAC, Europe and North America. We are always on the lookout for engineering talent. In the UK we recruited around 300 people in 2018 and we continue to expand our footprint here. Ingenium is one of the avenues for us to reach out to those talented young minds across the UK.



Dates to Remember :

30th June 2019 : Closing date for project submissions.

29th July 2019 : Top 10 finalists announced

6th September 2019 :

  • 10 finalists to attend all-day Ingenium event
  • The finalists can bring along a faculty member for this event
  • Event Location: Radisson Blu Hotel – East Midlands Airport, Derby, United Kingdom


** Expenses for students attending the final event will be fully reimbursed**